In the Beginning...

Sandy Beach Holidays was founded in 2015 by Chris Athanasiadis Graduate of a technical school on Tourism and Hospitality.

I started with the best of intentions, researching the field of real estate and marketing, and so I took on a few houses to try myself in this field.

Soon enough, with my first visitors, I realised it was something I could do and that fills me up as a person.

A family or a company usually contacts me for finding some place that really feels like home. The latter thing is one of my priorities.

  • 2017

    2016 In 2016, I decided to occupy myself more professionally, by building my own website, and not use some one ready, as is usually the case. There were a lot of difficulties in this construction and a lot of months of work. As is the case with everything you really love, it was completed successfully. Since I desired to widen my skills, I attended a variety of seminars that helped me relatedly to global marketing and tourism in Greece. In this way, I also developed my professional equipment.

  • 2017 My ambitions and my dreams progressed on all levels like finding more kinds of housing, since I wanted to serve my visitors, needs as much as possible.

    I could imagine an agent that I could trust to deal with all aspects of my service.

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    2018 Benefiting from years of continuous engagement in the field of real estate and marketing and from a variety of experiences and expertise, I am in a position to offer you your most memorable holidays in Halkidiki, Greece!

  • 2019 With continuous goals and vision of the future, I updated my website according to all standards in my field to make it a distinct place of excellent informing and offers.

    I know that you have made your research, and I am now here to offer you my knowledge and experience in order to better your knowledge, to assist you in focusing on your needs, and to retain a high level of vacation.

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