5 things to do

Are you planning to visit Halkidiki this summer? In this post, you will find 10 things you can do in Halkidiki and you will have the holidays of your life. Whether you come for the first time or you’ve visited Halkidiki again, there are things that will surely fill your vacations.

1) Let's start with the most basic things. One of the things you should do in Halkidiki is to relax on the beach until the sunset. Enjoy the turquoise waters, the sun and the beautiful scenery, but also have fun while drinking a refreshing cocktail at the beach bar. Whether you prefer something relaxing and a beach without crowd, whether you like parties and have fun at a beach bar, you can find everything you want in Halkidiki. Some of the beaches worth visiting are Afytos and Kallithea, Sani, Pefkochori.

2) If you like sea and want to explore the seabed, then scuba diving is for you. The "Blue" Diving Center in NeaPotidea offers diving lessons. You can do your first underwater contact in diving with us or you can start immediately with the programs-schools of PADI organization and enlarge your knowledge’s in Scuba Diving. It’s an experience that will be unforgettable for you.

3) If you are interested in celebrations, festivals and events in general, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to attend one of them. A traditional Greek evening is something special that is worth experiencing. Music, combined with food and dancing, will create beautiful emotions. You can find more information about feasts and festivals in Halkidiki, here or at the corresponding blog post:

There are many events in Halkidiki, which are really interesting and fun. One of them is the Feast of Saint Mamas. Thousands of visitors from different parts of Greece are attending this event. It is a big commercial feast, with a wide variety of products (clothing, shoes, food, etc.) and many cultural events. It is organized in the first week of September, in a vast area at ​​Saint Mamas.

A well-known festival is the Kassandra Festival. It has been organized for many years at the theatre of Siviri and it is one of the most famous festivals in Greece. On June 21, every year, the official program is announced. This festival includes music, dance, theatrical performances and cinema, with participants from Greece and abroad as well.

The Sani Festival is also one of the most popular artistic festivals in Greece. It takes place during the summer months, on the hill around the Tower of Sani. It started in 1982 and aims to become the bridge between culture and tourism. It includes several events, such as Jazz on the Hill, world music, dance and arts.

The Afytos Festival, known as Afytos or Athytou Festival, is organized in AfytosHalkidiki in July and August. Visitors come to admire many events, traditional Greek music groups and dancing.

Another cultural festival is the Byzantine Tower Festival. It is dedicated to the tradition of Asia Minor, folklore and it is organized to commemorate the people of the region. It takes place during summer in NeaFokea, Ηalkidiki.

Some other festivals that we should mention are: the Festival of Sea in NeaMoudania with theatrical performances, music and more, the Varvara Festival where people can enjoy various concerts and admire the natural beauty of North Halkidiki and the The Fair of Saint Marina in Fourka, where people celebrate the feast of Saint Marina, in the village square with traditional Greek music and dances.

Famous feasts are also the feast of sardines, the olive festival, the tsipouro feast and the feast of honey organized every year.

The Feast of Sardines is held in NeaMoudania in the 2nd week of July. Several cultural events take place for a week and the last day is the sardine celebration. There are free roasted sardines with white wine and the feast lasts until the morning.

The Olive Festival is organized in Olynthos at the last three days of July. The last day, a concert takes place, tsipouro and olives are distributed for free. This celebration also aims to remind to people the history of ancient Olynthos.

The Tsipouro Feast is organized in NeaFokea at the end of August. It is feast with live music. There is also food and tsipouro that people can share and have fun.

Finally, the Feast of Honey is held in Fourka in August. The event is dedicated to the activity of local beekeepers. At the event there is a demonstration of the traditional honey harvester and during the celebration, guests can try donuts with honey, yogurt with honey and of course wine.

Another very interesting event, which takes place during the carnival, is the famous Polygyros carnival. There is a big parade and a big feast with traditional instruments and dances. Also the locals offer to visitors free food.

Finally, the Waterdrop Festival is a new festival with a lot of interest. It is the ultimate watersports and music festival. It takes place in the ports of Porto Carras, where famous musicians create a fun atmosphere. You can try many and new watersports, such as canoe kayak, sailing etc. Also on the beach you will find a beach bar with cocktails, food and more.

4) Tasty food at a tavern next to the sea, is something you have to add to your bucket list. Halkidiki is known for the beautiful taverns by the sea. There are many choise for you and you can find what suits you best. Especially if you like seafood, they fit perfectly with the scenery. You should also try some of the traditional products of Halkidiki. Such as various cheese products, wines, honey and the most famous of all, the green olives and oil produced in the region. Read more about these here:

The most famous product of Halkidiki is its olives. It is known all over the world and recently featured in a Hollywood blockbuster "The Wolf of WallStreet". Thanks to its topography and climate Halkidiki produces olives and oil which stand out for their special taste and quality. Olive trees are grown without any chemical interventions. Those olives are processed driven from customer satisfaction. They are rich in phenological and organoleptic characteristics and many more substances necessary for human body’s good functionality. The unique taste and the high nutritional value of olive oil have established it as an integral component of the mediterranean diet. If you visit Halkidiki you can enjoy salads and traditional greek foods which use olive oil and are delicious and healthy. The areas in which olives are cultivated are: Mount Meliton, Pallini Peninsula, IporiaHolomonta, Fields in Poligyros, Ormylia, Olinthos and Moudania as well.

Greek people characteriseHalkidiki as "The mother of Beekeeping". With more than 6500 beekeepers (32% of national total) and 1910 tons of high quality honey production annually, Halkidiki is fairly characterised as the centre of beekeeping in Greece. Continuing the tradition todays beekeepers exploit the rich fauna of Kassandra, Sithonia and North Halkidiki producing great quantities of honey. Except the ordinary honey from bees you can also find pine honey with a high nutrition value.

Halkidiki produces some of the best wines. Following the traditional ways of preparing and using the finestgreek vine varieties in combination with the ideal climatic conditions Halkidiki managed to have top qualitywine. The rough soil as well with the joy and systematic scientific studies have established Halkidiki as a wine region. The industrial units of the region year to year emerge the world by producing new products using not only the finest varieties of Greek vines but foreign as well, mainly French. In the region of Halkidiki exists the largest vineyard of all Greece and is located in Porto Karras.

In the list of high quality products in one of the top positions are also the cheesy products of Halkidiki. The traditional goat cheese is being produced by pure goat milk and has high nutrition value due to its high protein content. The mount of Holomontas where the most farms take place has unique soil and climate characteristics and contributes which contributes to the exceptional composition of goat milk and cheese production. With respect to tradition cattle breeders produce high quantities of goat cheese. Well known areas of cheesy products production are the Central and North Halkidiki.

 5) If you are interested in religious tourism, you should visit some churches, monasteries and chapels in the area. It is worth visiting, as the environment in which they are located and the road that leads to them, is enchanting. Especially in Mount Athos, monasteries are a treasure for the religious heritage of Greece.