Halkidiki is undoubtedly one of the most popular destinations in Greece during the summer months. However, only a few know that this place can satisfy the most demanding guests even the winter, since its harmonic combination of mountain and sea. Τhe winter in Halkidiki is a treasure!!!

Its magnificent pine forests, the archaeological sites and historical monuments have established Halkidiki as one of the alternative tourist destinations during the cold months, so your vacation can be relaxing and constructive at the same time.

Firstly, Mount Athos is a place which is visited by many people for pilgrimage throughout the year. However, apart from religious tourism, in Halkidiki, and more specifically at the mount of Cholomontas, there are several beautiful mountainous villages which are suitable for holidays during the winter. Arnaia and Poligiros are among the top choices of visitors in winter. In their municipalities, you will find several picturesque villages such as Neochori and Taksiarxis. In these villages, you can find remarkable active female cooperatives from which you can take traditional products. Also, there are a few folk art museums. Furthermore, the mountainous village Galatista has great historical interest and many people choose it for day trips. You can visit Agios Prodromos and taste the famous souvlaki. Furthermore, you can use one of the many forest trails in the area to explore nature.

Mount Cholomondas is a fascinating place, with breathtaking views and with amazing diverse nature. This incredible mountain range is the perfect escape destination for adventure lovers who want to explore nature. It is an area of great beauty, covered with pine, oaks, fir and chestnut trees. The mount is also rich in herbs which you can use to make teas, while there you will also find oregano, a green herb which is commonly used in Greek cuisine.

Arnaia, there you can find a lot of mansions of traditional Macedonian architecture and you ‘ll be amazed by the pedestrian alleys.

Stagira, Aristotle's tomb and one more worth visiting the place is the cave of Petralona at Petralona, and of course the ancient city of Olynthos.

Olynthus would be an opportunity for you to visit its archaeological site and Megali Panagia with its traditional architecture and the unique value of the forest Gomati - Megali Panagia where logging is developed your chance to spent some of your winter days off to a beautiful relaxing place.