Is it safe to travel to Halkidiki this summer?

Halkidiki is one of the regions in Greece that had been less affected by the COVID-19 pandemic as the transmission rate of COVID-19 was extremely low.

Also, Ι can assure you that social distancing in Halkidiki is pretty easy! Being a destination of 2. 886 sq. metres and 550klm of coastline with more than 1.000 beaches make it easy to practice safe social distancing outdoors.


Has “Macedonia” Thessaloniki International Airport (SKG) resumed international flights?

Yes as of June 15th, to all international flights coming from the list above. Incoming visitors may have to take a random or targeted test. They will have to self isolate for 24 hours at the address of their destination until the test results are out.  Those who test positive will be quarantined for 14 days in a designated hotel in Halkidiki. The Greek state will be covering the cost of treatment for any tourists (including their families) who test positive for Covid-19 during their visit.


Are the Greek borders open?

As of July 1st, all Greek airports have reopened to all residents of the Schengen area countries (including Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus and Romania), as well as to non-EU Schengen area countries (Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, Lichtenstein), to Ireland and the United Kingdom. In conformity with the European guidelines, Greece has reopened its borders to residents of the following third countries: Algeria, Australia, Georgia, Japan, Canada, Morocco, Montenegro, New Zealand, South Korea, Rwanda, Uruguay, Thailand, Tunisia, China (based on reciprocity). This list will be updated every fortnight.

Tourists will be allowed to enter Greece without taking a COVID-19 test or remaining in quarantine, but health officials will conduct spot tests when required. Please note that as of July 6th (until July 15th) Serbian citizens are not allowed to enter Greece. Border crossing will be allowed only for essential reasons.


Which services are open in Halkidiki?

In Halkidiki, most of the services are open, including the shops, markets, shopping centres, pharmacies, banks, post offices, hairdressers and beauty salons. Cafes, beach bars and restaurants are gradually opening applying all the measures and recommendations of the Greek National Public Health Organization (EODY).

Greek authorities announced new rules to be applied on all Greek beaches regarding the COVID-19. Based on the decision, it is defined that 40 is the maximum number of people in a 1,000 sq.m. beach, while the minimum distance between the axles of the umbrellas is set at 4 meters. Open umbrellas must have a minimum distance of 1 meter.


The following are also defined:

Maximum number of 2 sunbeds per umbrella, with the exception of the case of families with children

The minimum distance between the sunbeds under different umbrellas is set at 1.5 meters.

Team sports that require physical contact are not allowed.

As for the beach bars:

 It is allowed to provide products in a package and delivery at the point of the lounger

The products are sold only packaged. Only beverages such as coffee, juice, etc. may be prepared.

Table and seats are allowed in the operating space of the store

The minimum distance between customers is set at 1.5 meters.

There is a strong recommendation for using masks for employees.


What should I do if I am infected with Covid-19 in Halkidiki?

If you notice any symptoms of the coronavirus, such as fever or cough or you have been in close contact with the person infected with Covid-19, you can contact:

National coronavirus helpline: 1135 (24/7) or telephone numbers 210 5212054

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