The beaches in Halkidiki have the reputation of being some of the best in Greece. Known for their fine sand, turquoise waters and lush wild surroundings, the beaches in Kassandra peninsula usually feature resorts.

 Kassandra includes several trails and with its several peaks, including Mount Holomontas, Mount Itamos and Mount Stratoniko, you will have plenty of choice when it comes to climbing.

 As well as several archaeological sites, Halkidiki is also home to the Petralona’s Cave, located in the western part of Mount Katsika.

 Ammouliani island in Halkidiki,  this tiny drop of land in the intense blue sea is a little haven of small coves and beaches sheltered from the crowds. Besides its particularly beautiful landscapes, the island itself is perfect for exploration, as the residents hold tight to their traditions.

 Throughout Greece, the northern part of the country is known for its good food. You will quickly understand this in Halkidiki. You will taste delicious bread and pies, satisfying meat dishes as well as homemade pasta, strong cheese and other memorable, fresh dishes.

 Thessaloniki the second city of Greece is located one hour from Kassandra, which makes it easily accessible. Several Byzantine monuments, old mansions and cultural scene, Thessaloniki is definitely an underrated destination that deserves more credit.

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