Sani is a vibrant seaside town to give you a the elegant marina, which is ringed with restaurants, bars and boutique shops, plush cocktail lounges and designer shops – all neatly packaged with countryside walks.

Setting wise, you’ve got Mount Olympus in the distance and a wide swathe of sandy beach on the coast. The area’s great for rural hikes.

Sani was popular about its historic ancient site. One of the most impressive sights is the Byzantine tower on the headland which is believed to be the site of acropolis in ancient city, once belonging to the Stavronikita Monastery on Mt. Athos. The large Sani wetland and offers home to over 200 species of birds most of which are endangered.

 The Sani Marina, with the luxurious landscape and the spectacular. During summer, the place gets crowded as the famous art festival taking place over there.