Kriopigi is a seaside village which is built on a hill full of pine trees over Toroneos Gulf. The area presents notable tourist traffic during the summer and in its center there are traditional old houses.

The village with great architectural interest with narrow lanes, stone-built houses and cobblestone squares, the village offers fine examples of authentic Greek Architecture.

There’s a cool spring – the kriopigi that gives the town its name – together with a quaint town square and an ancient amphitheatre.

It is a quiet clean beach with crystal clear water, shaded by pine trees on the top hill.

Kriopigi is suitable for family holidays and in the center of the village there are fish taverns, restaurants, bars and cafes. Nearby there is the village of Kallithea with nightclubs where you can party all night.

Your holidays to Kriopigi take you to an old-fashioned Greek village, away from the noise and bustle.

According to Herodotus, ancient Neapolis was probably built here while it was an area that suffered much during the troubles in Kassandra in 1821.

Traditional products with exceptional quality from this region can be found in Kriopigi, with olives, olive oil, various fruits and honey as most famous.

   The “Educational Research and Service Training Center” which is a meeting point for tutors and education professionals from all over the world.