Afitos is a traditional village in Kassandra Halkidiki, it is built on a rock of 75m with steep slopes, offers unique panoramic views of Toroneos Gulf and Sithonia. During the summer months Afitos is “flooded” by tourists. Restaurants with many awards, traditional tavernas, café and bars are waiting to offer to you unforgettable moments during your stay in Halkidiki. We would highly suggest you an afternoon walk through the streets of Afytos discovering every corner, a romantic dinner, or a refreshing cocktail which is perched on a hill overlooking the sea. Search for small shops for gifts and souvenirs of folk art or traditional products such as jars of honey and soaps made with olive oil. You are not allowed to enter the historic center of the village by car so you will have to park it on adjacent streets. The place is of great historical and environmental significance but where the village's architecture truly displays its unique nature is in the building material -local stone composed of sand and shells that is used widely, not only in construction, but also, by local scupltors. Small squares, cobbled streets and traditional taverns create a beautiful scenery totally harmonized with the natural landscape.

The traditional village of Afytos which has scenic stone-paved alleys, fountains, traditional houses and grand churches.

As well as the traditional, renovated houses such as the “Katsanis mansion”, “the house of the painter Paralis and “the house of the musician Mandakas”.

    The prehistoric mound known as Koutsomylos where the remains of ancient walls and the traces of the ancient quarry are on display.

Visitors also have the opportunity to admire the unique architecture of the Saint Dimitrios, with a basilica with dome built in 1858.

    The prehistoric mound known as Koutsomylos where the remains of ancient walls and the traces of the ancient quarry are on display.

    The Aletra building, home to the Folklore Museum of Afytos and

it is located in the central square and also mansions and the famous sculptures of Vassilis Pavlis. In the village center you will find the folklore museum which houses various art exhibitions such as tools and utensils used in the past by local residents.

If you find yourself in the village on August 15th don’t miss the feast of Holy Mary, a traditional feast with Greek music, dancing and food. Furthermore, throughout July and August take place artistic events within the Afitos Festival.

Afytos is just 3km away from cosmopolitan Kallithea with its lively nightlife and it is a as in a short distance are located the beache of Sani, 10-min north takes you to the fishing village of Nea Fokea, which has a well-preserved Byzantine tower and fortress overlooking the beach, as well as a wildlife reserve. And less than half an hour in the other direction gets you to Polichrono, where a walk up into the hills takes you to a woodland pond with turtles.